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Your accounts, your data

Once upon a time, many agencies “owned” the SEM accounts they managed on behalf of clients. e.g. Clients often didn’t have logins to their own accounts. When they tried to switch agencies, they had to start over with completely new accounts.

There is absolutely no good reason why you, the client, should not own all of your advertising accounts and related account history. Any work we, the agency, do in those accounts belongs to YOU.

I thought we, as an industry, had long ago abolished the notion or any derivative argument that an agency “owns” a client’s advertising account and related data. I’m writing this post, however, because I’m extremely saddened and frustrated to find that those days are not behind us.

While I can’t change the behavior of other online advertising service providers, I can make it clear what Clever Zebo stands for:

1. You own ALL of your accounts. They’re in your name with your billing details and with you as the admin.

2. All of the work we do in your accounts belongs to you.

3. We support you before, during and after we work together. We completely understand that you may take our responsibilities in-house or transition to another agency. Even if the engagement together ends, we want you to succeed.