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#wifny is awesome! Day 1 Take-aways.

It was an incredible day at the World Innovation Forum. So many great ideas and stories, but here were my highlights:

1. Clayton Christianson

  • How to disrupt: Go simple. Go cheap. Eat the incumbent’s lunch.
  • How to move up the margin chain: Thrive on low margins.
  • How to disrupt America: Underfund education and protect entitlement at all costs.

2. Tony Hsieh: the secret to business success = culture.

3. Paola Antonelli is fantastic!

  • Newsfeeds inspire praying nuns
  • Sperm design
  • Cardboard robots capture NY pedestrian hearts
  • Wedding rings made of spouse’s shoulder bone
  • Technology disrupts | design soothes the transition.

4. Paddy Miller: Stealthstorming = just do it + political savvy – “good ideas”

Thank you for an awesome day @HSMAmericas! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.