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Why Clever Zebo launched a new website

Zebo dreams of a new website.
December 3, 2013
Zebo dreams of a new website.

I always wrote off “the ol’ website redesign” project as something companies start doing when they’ve run out of ideas. So when we set out to reupholster our digital shingle, I knew we’d have — as Ricky Ricardo often felt Lucy had — “some ‘splaining to do.”

There were a few key reasons we decided to rebuild the Clever Zebo website. They have to do both with fundamental changes to our business and some new perspective on the original recipe. Here’s what drove the redesign:

1. We want to focus on what we’re best at. After three years of running this agency and decades of marketing experience collectively, some things have consistently made the highlight reel. Certain channels, strategies and approaches win most of the time.

It all really boils down to:

We make a company’s overall conversion path better through A/B testing, hyper-optimized paid advertising and shrewd marketing automation. We’ve done it successfully time after time, and we can’t seem to stop.

It’s not only that we’ll run a stronger business with happier clients by focusing 100% on the areas of marketing we’re absolutely the best at — it’s also just more fun for us.

2. We want the rug to match the curtains. Let’s gloss over my questionably-appropriate metaphor for the moment and just say this: our conversation has evolved, but our digital front yard hadn’t changed since 2011. We want our website to reflect our business, and now it does.

3. This is what it’s like to interact with us today. When we started, we had a sense of our identity, but now we’ve really settled into who we are.

– We’re hands-on marketers.
– We focus on revenue.
– We believe in incredible service.
– We never want to be so big that we’re unavailable to our clients.

4. Client success is our success. When you hire a marketing agency, you want to see results quickly. We believe in landing quick wins while setting the stage for longer-term strategies. Success is an iterative process that requires a constant intake of improvement with an eye toward the next big prize.

5. Change is good. We live in a world where change is exponential. We’re just going with the flow.