Page 1, position 1 on a two-word search phrase in Google is what many businesses view as the holy grail of online marketing. For new domains or businesses who have focused little on SEO, grabbing position 1 may take a while, but what matters is traffic generated from organic search, and there are many ways to achieve it.


Traffic analysis and competitive research


The first step is to understand the competitive landscape. Using a mix of research tools, we hone in on high-traffic keywords where there are enough holes in the competition for us to rank. We put together a rigorous analysis of which long-tail keyword combinations could be quick wins and develop a strategy for moving up the food chain to higher value targets.


On-page optimization


Useful, interesting and well-organized content is not only an SEO win, but serves the best interests of your visitors. The content of your site also needs to match and be optimized against the search terms used by people looking for your product or service. Through traffic analysis and competitive research, we help you create the right content and format it to get you maximum visibility.




This is the real rub of SEO. Targeted links from reputable sites tell Google that your content is more valuable than someone else’s. We take a diversified approach to creating a link-building strategy to give you the best chance of success.


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