Email marketing


We occasionally come across people mistrustful of email’s effectiveness because of how much we get in our inbox every day. Don’t listen to them!

Email remains the most cost-effective, straight-forward, and crucial marketing tool in your tool belt. Making email a revenue producer requires really understanding your database, delivering relevant content, and giving powerful calls to action. There are really three fundamental kinds of email marketing.


1-to-1 communication


These are the everyday communications we write one another. Getting our subject lines, signatures, and clarity right are crucial elements of making 1-to-1 conversation successful.


Blast email


Tools like MailChimp, MaxMail, Aweber, Exact Target and others are great for this. The basic idea is sending one email to lots of people. Subject line, call to action, segmentation, and design testing are all important levers for more effective emails.


Automatic emails


The best thing in email is to send emails based on customer behavior. If they give contact information, buy, abandon, or attend an event, you want to craft highly relevant messages that speak to the buying behavior. Timeliness, relevance, simplicity, and personalization are vital for effective marketing automation.


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