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Sales warrior to magician

You may have heard of the Sales Warrior, that mythical hero who makes 200+ phone calls, has a new prospect lunch every day, and then goes home to write a few proposals.

As phones go increasingly unanswered, Sales Warriors are adapting. Today’s sales warriors tweet 10 articles a day, host interesting meetups, and interact with hundreds at a time through webinars. You might say that Sales Warriors are becoming Social Media Magicians. Multi-faceted, multi-talented networkers unafraid of trying new media are revolutionizing how we sell.

The common characteristic is clever strategy backed up by hard work. Behind the social media magic of seemingly endless amplification is a lot of nitty gritty attention to detail, tenacity, and being will to try lots of approaches.

As Sales Warriors adapt to a world in which conversations bend and twist among 1-1, 1-n, n-1, n-n and back, the way we sell is transforming. It’s all communication, and the Sales Warriors willing to work some magic is running away with the show.