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Keep Trying

It’s really easy to get frustrated, discouraged, stressed out, and/or upset building a business online. In any given week, I experience all of the above …

… but I don’t give up.

If you want success and think communicating online will somehow achieve it, then I have two words of advice: “Keep Trying!”

When we started Clever Zebo, we made a commitment to grow our business the way we help our clients (through online marketing!). So just as we advise clients, we’re going after it.

Partnerships, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, retargeting, webinars, a marketing automation program, SEO, social, etc. At first, it was slow-going:

  • There was a few months there where leads just weren’t coming in.
  • Then the leads started flowing in, but the prospects for one reason or another weren’t the right fit.
  • Then we started finding the right prospects but couldn’t get enough volume.
  • Now we’re at a point where we have too much lead volume and are putting products and systems in place to maximize the fruits of our investment.
  • At many points along the way, it’s been tempting to throw our hands in the air and give up on marketing ourselves. But A) we’re committed to growing this business and B) we want to do it the way we preach.

    So we keep trying, keep testing, keep giving it our best. As a business person and as a human being, there just isn’t more you can ask of yourself.

    If you feel like you’re about to give up but know there’s more you can do if only you could get that second or tenth wind, call me — I’d love to get you pumped up.