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How Clever Zebo boosted a clothing retailer’s sales from Facebook Ads by 530%

We’re starting this year off with a look back at one of the great successes of 2016.

We learned a lot through optimizing a young but aspiring Facebook Ads account for an eCommerce brand that sells customizable men’s clothing.

I’m proud to say that within only a month, we managed to:

  • Increase conversion volume by 530%
  • Reduce CPA by 47%
  • Boost conversion rate by 347%

*Data was pulled from a 30-day “before and after” window.

How did we do it?

Our initial Facebook Analytics review showed us two things:

1)  The 55-64 age segment was the best performing, followed by 45-54.


The 55-64 segment is the best performing, with a 49% higher conversion rate than the runner-up (93% certainty). The 25-34 and 65+ greatly underperformed against top segments.

2)  Although the majority of spend was focused on the ‘Mobile News Feed’ placement, the ‘Desktop News Feed’ placement was the top performer by a substantial margin.


The ‘Desktop News Feed’ placement had a 260% higher conversion rate and an $184.81 lower CPA than the ‘Mobile News Feed’ placement (statistically significant).

We optimized each campaign as informed by these observations, and then immediately:

  • Launched a Lookalike campaign
  • Launched a Remarketing campaign
  • Put in place aggressive creative and copy A/B tests
  • Updated the account to Facebook’s new universal tracking pixel and standard events
  • Tested automatic and conversion optimized bid strategies

Thirty days later, our client was fired up to see more than a fivefold increase in sales from the Facebook Ads program. No fooling: it didn’t jump from 2 orders to 10 orders. The campaigns started out with a respectable five-figure budget and were humming in the vicinity of 500 high-ticket orders by month’s end.

The upswing was accompanied by a nice conversion rate bump, and we were able to cut the cost of acquiring a customer in half.

If you’re looking to scale and optimize Facebook Ads or other paid social advertising for your business, shoot us a note: igor@cleverzebo.com.