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Confirmation pages inspiration, best practices and examples

Confirmation pages (also known as thank you pages) are one of the overlooked of all online marketing assets. Join me June 11-13 at the Chicago Conversion Conference for a session dedicated to making the most of confirmation pages.

Here’s a quick preview of what I’ll be talking about…

Tony Mariotti of FriendBuy, a customer referral program tool, reports that on average 7% of all visitors who make it to a confirmation page share the company on their social networks. Adding related content links to the Clever Zebo webinar confirmation page increased engagement by over 40%!

Talk about low-hanging fruit!

In my Conversion Conference session, I’ll rapid-fire look at a variety of ideas for confirmation page optimization. Ultimately, they break down to a few call to action categories:

  • Make another purchase
  • Share your purchase/sign up socially
  • Get more information/education
  • Survey
  • Encourage community involvement
  • Here’s another example to get your imagination going:

    I hope to see you in Chicago. If you’ve had any luck with your confirmation pages, I’d love to see them.