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5 Ways to Generate B2B Revenue Right Now

Maybe you’re in a summer slump, maybe growth has flattened, maybe you just want to keep your foot on the growth pedal … regardless, revenue is the lifeblood of your business, and it makes sense to grab all the low-hanging revenue fruit.

Here are 5 proven ways to get that B2B revenue engine working.

1. Prospecting Email

You know your target industry, decision maker title, geography, etc. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, company and product or service. If you offer real value and have a good grasp on who needs that value, the email will be welcome.


A. Use LinkedIn, Google and other online tools to identify email addresses.

B. Write an awesome, personalized email that gets to the point and makes a phone call irresistible.

C. Press send.

2. Retargeting

Because you’re only serving ads to people who visited your website, it’s low-cost and can be the very thing that yields a lead.


A. Write awesome ad copy that reinforces your brand.

B. Make it look great.

C. Set the ads live via AdWords (and probably Facebook and Twitter as well).

3. Reach out to your network


Go through …

A. Your LinkedIn contacts

B. Former customers

C. Past referrals

D. Old friends you haven’t talked to in a while

… and say hi!

4. Get published

A. Identify the blogs and publications that reach your audience

B. Come up with a few killer pitches

C. Reach out and share your ideas

5. Stay calm

If you’re anything like me, you have a nasty tendency to freak out if biz gets slow. Resist it. Why?

A. Business, like life, has a tendency to go in cycles. If you’re in a down cycle, enjoy it because before you know it, you’ll be going 100 MPH and wishing you’d taken those calm moments to recharge.

B. You can suffer later, or you can suffer now AND later. I vote for less suffering.

C. We tend to make bad decisions when we panic. Be strategic, put all the groundwork in place, take advantage of the time at your disposal, and you’ll be amazed what you yield.