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5 B2B New Customer Acquisition Ideas that Work

When you think B2B new customer acquisition strategies, what comes to mind? Referrals?Tradeshows? Cold-calling? Eek?

Here are some great B2B ideas that will get the lead flow moving.

1. MarketFish: Purchased email lists have a bad rep for a good reason — questionable sources, over-emailed list members, and spam complaint shit storms in the making. MarketFish, however, has created a transparent platform where you can go directly to the list source, most of them reputable names, and zone in on the demographic that fits. Once you find the right list, their platform will do the sending, meaning you capture all the leads without the spam complaints.

2. Google’s Display Network: Been burned by low lead quality through Google Adwords? Well, did you try the Display (formerly content) network? Unlike search, Display Network allows you to target demographics and exclude sites that send poor traffic — some test-and-learning can quickly narrow down to a few quality lead sources.

3.  Content partnerships: Biz dev deals are time consuming. However, a content partnership with a non-competing but complimentary service provider can be pay huge dividends. You have a blog; they have a blog. Why don’t you write for each other’s blog? Better yet, you promote your webinar to their email base and vice-versa. For customers, you’ve upped the value ante, and now you have a whole new crop of prospects.

4. Create a video of you loving on someone’s brand. Then send the video to as many email addresses, Twitter accounts, and LinkedIn groups as are relevant. Could they resist joining a phone call?

5. Comment on this blog post. Admittedly, this isn’t yet a proven technique, but why not give it a shot and test it out?