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3 Effective All-text Emails

From Slide Rocket:

Subject: Your Presentation Coach Is Ready To Help

Hi Joshua,

I wanted to send along a friendly reminder that as your SlideRocket Coach I am here to lend a hand as you try out new SlideRocket features or have any questions.

I do recommend checking out the SlideRocket blog where you can pick up great ideas and advice on slide design, giving a presentation, and a number of helpful external resources.

Please free feel to reach out to me at any time via email, or just give me a call at [Contact Info]

From Brendan Burchard:

Subject: how I get sponsors and promotional partners

Heya –

This will help you really get your message out there.

When I published my book Life’s Golden Ticket and later
launched all my events and products, I had support from
sponsors and promotional partners who helped me
get my message out to the masses.

Now I’ve helped thousands of people find sponsors and
partners and I’ve advised everyone from experts like
Tony Robbins to newbies like first-time entrepreneurs do this.

This video shows you why you should work with sponsors
on your next project or promotion, and reveals all the cool
stuff they’ll do for you (and WHY). I put the video on
Facebook so you could like it, comment on it, and share it
with anyone you know trying to get their message out there.


Your message and your brand is important. Work with
other organizations to get the word out.

Enjoy the video! If it helps you and you want more, then
just “like” me and I’ll send more training your way.

[Contact Info]

From: Josh Krafchin

Subject: Meet Clever Zebo

Dear Friends,

Clever Zebo is alive! What is Clever Zebo? We’re a web marketing crew that markets like it’s 2016 and loves likes it’s 1969. We looked around at an industry where agencies are scrambling to snag brand names and/or are so specialized that they lose track of the big picture and decided growing companies deserve an option that combines deep online expertise with entrepreneurial zeal and a whole lotta heart.

I’m writing to ask for your help. If you, your company, or someone you know needs help growing their business online, please don’t be shy — give us a half-hour, and we’ll give at least three relevant, powerful ideas for setting up or improving an online marketing program.

Please check out CleverZebo.com, and let me know what you think. And if you know anyone who could use an online marketing firm, please send them our way!


Josh Krafchin

p.s. You were added to this mailing list because at some point you signed up with, talked to, emailed with, met in person, worked with, gave birth to or are otherwise related to Joshua Krafchin. If you don’t recognize me or for any other reason don’t want to receive further email about Clever Zebo, you can unsubscribe from future Clever Zebo emails any time. While some abandonment issues may arise for me, they’ll be outweighed by the marketing-analytics-geek in me who’s grateful for another statistic to analyze.