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10.5 things I learned in Days 1-5 of the Joshua Krafchin Social Media Experiment

10. It’s really easy to fall off the posting frequency band wagon.
9. Just because I tweet stuff (even when I tweet a lot of it) doesn’t mean people respond.
8. Tweeting is like playing scratch off lottery.
7. Tweeting sparked interactions “offline.”
6. Be careful who you give veto power over what you publish.
5. Facebook is frightening. It’s like my first day of Kindergarten.
4. My wife is just as lovely online as she is offline.
3. I may be getting addicted to that physically anxious / ecstatic sensation I only get when I’m deliberating over whether to press a button, click, etc.
2. Asking “When can I be considered to be a part of ‘social media’?” is not a punishable offense.
1. It’s thrilling, exciting and frightening to be participating in a more public way. Wanna try this out together?
.5. Make sure you tweet the right link.